Service Packages

DDS Architecture offer a range of services depending on your individual circumstances and requirements. If you aren’t sure which service is best for you, we can discuss this with you during your initial consultation and provide you with our fees for both services should you wish.

Consents-Only Service

Many of our domestic clients opt to appoint us up to the granting of their consents (e.g. planning permission and building warrant) only. The advantage to this is you will save money on architectural fees. This is also a good option for people who already have a builder in mind to complete their project for them, or those who are experienced in carrying out building works and feel confident in carrying out the rest of the project unaided.

If you choose to go with this option, we will keep our appointment with you open until you have your necessary consents granted. We will then provide you with copies of the building warrant drawings, which should suffice for your builder to build from. We will then end our appointment with you, and you will be responsible for ensuring the builder follows the drawings correctly, and arranging the inspection of the completed works from your local council.

Full Service

If you would like support from us as the principle designer on your project throughout the project right through to construction and completion, our full service may be for you.

The additional services we will provide for a full service are:

  • Appoint a builder on your behalf. We will obtain quotes from three builders to give you a choice of contractor you feel most happy with for your project.
  • Contract administration. We can set up a contract between you and the builder and oversee signing of it between the two parties.
  • Fully detailed construction drawings, specifying all the fixtures and fittings required for the project. Fixtures and fittings mean the detailed items like specific doors, light switches, and windows. Some of these will be included in the warrant drawings to comply with regulations, but for our Full-Service clients we go beyond this, liaising with you to help you choose specific items that are aesthetically pleasing to you. By being specific about these before the build commences, your chosen builder can cost the works more accurately and you will feel more confident that the finished result will be as you wanted it.
  • Respond to contractor enquiries. Throughout the build process we will be on hand to answer any queries your builder may have. We can carry out site visits to monitor works as they progress and will carry out a final inspection of the works to ensure the builder has completed the design to our specifications.
  • Apply for a Completion Certificate on your behalf. This is the certificate required to demonstrate to the council that the works have been carried out in accordance with your building warrant.