House extensions are a brilliant way of transforming your home while creating an updated space for you and your family’s needs. Today, thousands of homeowners across Edinburgh are choosing to extend, alter or upgrade their property. Whether it’s to make room for a growing family, build the kitchen of their dreams or to refresh a tired space a Edinburgh house extension could be the answer .Whatever the reason behind your project is, we are here to help. We provide the highest quality, tailor-made service to accommodate your home improvement project in Edinburgh.

At DDS Architecture, we provide a completely bespoke, professional house extension Edinburgh service. From the initial designs to obtaining planning permission and a building warrant to advising the selected contractors; we will accompany you through each stage of creating your perfect home extension. Whether you intend to have a bigger kitchen, add an extra bedroom, or even to make a space larger for your growing family, we will be right by your side, offering expert advice from the very first moment to bring a new lease of life to your beloved home.

Why choose a House Extension Edinburgh?

Home extensions come with an array of benefits. Of course, the most obvious is all of that beautiful extra space you will have. However, there are so many other great things to consider when planning a home extension, such as the immense value it can add to your property. Another great bonus of a home extension in Edinburgh is the option of creating a bigger space for your family, without having the hassle of moving to a new house in a new area. The freedom of transforming your home into a spacious haven is what makes thousands of homeowners opt for a house extension instead. The cost is also something to consider. Adding an extension to your home could save you taking on a potentially much larger mortgage or paying thousands in stamp duties to acquire that much needed additional space. You also get to design a space that best compliments you and your family, creating something completely personal and bespoke.

Different Sizes Of House Extensions Edinburgh

No matter what shape, size or house type you live in, our designers will be able to create a personal design to suit your home perfectly. Home extensions in Edinburgh can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, even in areas where space is limited. Our designers love a challenge and can come up with something special to give you that extra space you need.

The Purpose of a Home Extension Edinburgh

The primary purpose of having a property extension is to create more space. Many of our clients in Edinburgh love their home along with their neighbourhood and their community, but they don’t have their desired amount of space. To save people the hassle of moving home, leaving their beloved area and facing higher mortgage prices for a larger property, the alternative is to create a home extension.

A house extension Edinburgh can be used for anything. There are many different options and purposes for the new space you have created. Whether you want to add an extra bedroom, ensuite, or the kitchen of your dreams, the possibilities are endless. Home extensions Edinburgh can allow you to create a luxurious space and make room for all of those things you have ever wanted. You can even add a beautiful sunroom that welcomes in natural light to brighten up your home. All of these great ideas can appear quite daunting at first, but our team of expert designers and friendly staff will be by your side throughout the entire process.

Is A House Extension In Edinburgh Worth It?

You may be wondering whether a home extension in Edinburgh makes sense financially. This is quite a common question many of our clients face when deciding to extend their home. A house is one of the most significant investments we will make financially in our lives, so it is essential to think clearly about the improvements and alterations we carry out. In terms of a financial profit, a home extension can add significant value to a property over a long-term period. So, if you are looking for added space, but plan on staying in your home, then an extension is likely to be worth it. Everyone’s situation is unique, so it is important to weigh up the different scenarios and available options to determine what best suits you, your family, and your pocket.

Explore All Options For Your Edinburgh House Extension

Consider what you will gain from all of the options available to you. When it comes to a house extension in Edinburgh, of course, the most significant gain would be the increase in space. Let’s say you have a small kitchen with limited storage and surface area; then an extension could allow you to create the kitchen of your dreams. This not only gives you the extra room you desire but enables you to spend more time with family and friends. When exploring alternative options, always keep in mind what is more valuable to you, adding figures to the price of your property? Or having a special place to make lasting memories with your family.

Your Edinburgh Home Extensions Can Solve Problems

Many people will ask the question, why go through the process of building a space when you can move to a new house instead? While this can initially sound like a more comfortable option, in many cases, it isn’t. Studies suggest that the home of your dreams may not even exist yet. It is very unlikely that you will find a house, within your budget and not have to do any renovation work at all. Why go through the trouble of starting from square one, searching for a property, booking viewings and then have to change and remodel rooms to suit your family’s requirements.

Older homes especially, tend to have more problems which a home extension potentially can solve. Maybe you have a deteriorating outbuilding or an old extension that is leaking. Sometimes the best option is to demolish the ageing areas and create an uplifting, modern space which serves you and your family better. A house extension Edinburgh can give a tired house a new lease of life while providing you with the room you need. This could bring a more significant social aspect to your lives by providing you with space for guests to stay and visit regularly.

Supporting Your House Extension Vision

Whatever your dream, we will be with you every step of the way. Offering expert residential and commercial architectural services in Edinburgh, we have made many families ideas become a reality. We have worked with properties that require moderate to some of the most extensive renovations, but no challenge is too much for us. We will be with you to support your vision, understand the reason behind your build along with a taste of you and your family’s style and character.

If you feel that your home needs updating, we can come up with a modern design while maintaining your properties original charm that you know and love. We have worked with some of the most awkward and difficult spaces to create a more impressive, comfortable area that encourages socialising with your nearest and dearest. One example of a challenging re-design was on a characterful upper colony flat in Leith. Following an extensive transformation, our team successfully managed to relocate the upstairs attic stairway, in order to create space for a beautiful attic bedroom and bathroom.

Commercial Properties

While many of our clients contact us to seek help in making their home larger, not all of our services are carried out at domestic properties. In fact, many of our clients are also business owners who require modern workspaces to complement their organisation’s image. Recently, one of our clients, in particular, sought after a brand-new office space for their company. The client owned a communications business and came to us for help. It was important that the business had a space that best reflected the company’s innovative brand and approach in their industry.

Our expert team began designing a bespoke space which ticked every box on their list of requirements. The design was tailored entirely to reflect the organization’s image and most importantly functioned correctly to accommodate the business’ needs. We designed a brand-new office unit, completed with cellular offices, state of the art board rooms, professional staff areas and also innovative video conferencing areas.

That being said, it’s not just organisations and business premises. We have also provided our services to many of our clients in the food and drink industry. Take the recent development of a bar and restaurant, built within Edinburgh’s old railway arches at East Market Street. The new owners approached us for help, which included the conversion of a listed property in Edinburgh.

We were required to offer our professional services from the initial design stages and execute the work within a tight deadline. We are proud to say that we successfully completed this challenging project, on time and with a high-quality finish. The result, an exceptional property with beautiful interior design, carried out by Four by Two Consultants, ready just in time to open its doors.

 House Extension Edinburgh Free Quote & Process

Our numerous years of experience supporting the domestic market means we can ease you through the process. And if you aren’t sure exactly how best to utilise the space you have, we can talk you through design options, coming up with a unique solution to suit your personal requirements and lifestyle. We will:

  • Provide you with a free consultation (either by phone or in person), advising you on whether your idea is feasible and what you will require to do the work, such as planning permission, a building warrant, other consents, and services of other professionals like a structural engineer.
  • Provide you with a free no obligation quote for our services
  • Provide a free feasibility study if you are looking for a house extension
  • Prepare different bespoke design options for your consideration, based on your lifestyle and personal requirements
  • Prepare architectural drawings, specifications and other required documentation for applications for planning permission, building warrant, or other consents; submit these on your behalf.
  • Advise you on what other professionals you may need to appoint for your project, such as a structural engineer. Appoint other professionals and liaise with them on your behalf as required.
  • Help you choose a builder, appoint them on your behalf and prepare construction drawings, if required.

During every house extension project in Edinburgh, we aim to make the location as efficient and energy saving as possible, even when working with listed buildings. There is nothing more satisfying to us than transforming some of the most historic buildings in the beautiful city of Edinburgh and giving back to the community. Being based in Edinburgh means that we are used to developing some of Scotland’s oldest properties, which is why we are so sensitive and precise with what we do. No project is too intimidating to us, and we love a challenge.

Building a House Extension in Edinburgh.

You may be wondering whether there are some elements to consider before planning a house extension in Edinburgh. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get asked daily.

Starting with the cost. Of course, every home or property development will vary in price. When it comes to renovating, you can make a project as affordable or as expensive as you like, this all comes down to the materials and services you choose. However, on average, for a home extension in Scotland, the cost per square meter lies somewhere between £1,200-£1,500. This will vary between the height and size of the extension, along with any additional services such as electrical, ground and plumbing work. A double story extension in Scotland is expected to be double the cost of a single-story extension. Additional rooms and features such as bathroom and kitchens tend to add anywhere between £5,000-£10,000 to the total build cost.

We provide a bespoke service tailored  to your requirements; we do not supply specific costs on our website because every project and every client is different. We provide fixed fee prices whenever we can, so you know exactly how much your architectural services will cost. Occasionally we may need to provide hourly rate costs, this is only in unusual circumstances where we are unable to determine in advance how much work is involved.

Timescales For A House Extension In Edinburgh

The estimated time frame for a home extension completion is another popular question that clients ask. The short answer is that it on average the whole process takes around 9 months and this is true for almost all sizes of extensions.

From when we are appointed to begin on your home extension Edinburgh, we could begin to work within two weeks of receiving your instructions to proceed. Typically it will take your architectural consultant around two weeks to carry out a site survey and complete initial design proposals; with planning and warrant drawings prepared two weeks after that, meaning these applications can be submitted within a month.

Planning permission or certificates of lawfulness can take up between 4-6 weeks to be granted with a further 10 weeks for warrant applications to be granted, dependant on the individual warrant officer assigned to your case. The structural engineer within the project build typically takes around 6 weeks to complete their work, however, this can run concurrently with the planning and warrant applications, meaning it does not hold up the process.

You can approach a builder for costs as soon as you have warrant drawings prepared. Typically builders may be booked for around 3 months at a time, you can request a timeslot when you request a price from them, while you are waiting for the consents to be granted. It will then usually take the builders around 10 to 12 weeks to complete their work.

It is worth considering that this time frame is an estimate and should only be used as a rough guideline. Other factors such as the design stages, applying for planning permission and the weather conditions can all potentially affect the project time frame.

Choosing a Reputable House Extension Contractor

So, you have decided to go ahead with building a beautiful home extension, excellent! Now it’s time to get to one of the most important parts, making sure you choose a reliable company to assist you with your build. Many people, unfortunately, do not put in enough research before hiring a contractor to help them build an extension. In most cases, this leads to them encountering complications, additional charges, and prolonging the build. At DDS Architecture we will support you with your project right through to completion if you are inexperienced in commissioning building works and would like support throughout the entire process.

We will not only protect your property, but we aim to protect your budget as much as we possibly can. This means we will appoint a builder on your behalf, sending construction drawings to three builders allowing you a choice of contractor. We will then administer a contract between you and your chosen builder and prepare detailed construction drawings including fixtures and fittings, allowing your builder to provide accurate costs before the build starts.

During the build, we will respond to builders queries on your behalf and conduct regular site visits to monitor the progress of your home extension as well as a final site inspection. Rest assured knowing that at no point whatsoever will you endure any hidden charges. No matter how big or how small your project is, be sure to choose a team that you can trust!

Our House Extension Services Edinburgh

DDS Architecture offers a range of house extension services depending on your individual circumstances and requirements. If you aren’t sure which service is best for you, we can discuss this with you during your initial consultation and provide you with our fees for both our consents only service and our full service should you wish. Our team will outline the process entirely and be with you every step of the way to provide expert answers to any questions you may have while ensuring that everything is running smoothly. You can relax knowing that your beloved project is in safe hands and that we will do everything we possibly can to make your dream house extension Edinburgh become a reality.

Following many successful property renovations and home extensions throughout Edinburgh, our reputation and customer satisfaction reviews speak for themselves. We will handle all of the complicated paperwork, planning applications and organisation of the project so that you and your family will face the least amount of disruption during the construction time. We pride ourselves on always having time for our clients, no matter what your concerns are, from simple project updates to more complex requests.

Please take a more detailed look at what our service packages involve or contact one of our team today to get started.