How much does DDS Architecture charge?

We understand that cost is one of the first things our clients want to know. We provide a bespoke service tailored to your requirements; we do not supply specific costs on our website because every project and every client is different.

What we can tell you however is that our fees are based on the standard architectural fees recommended by the Fees Bureau. We will not be the cheapest, nor the most expensive. We believe our fees are excellent value for the high standards and professional service you can expect to receive from us.

Because we understand that knowing costs in advance is important to our clients, we provide fixed fee prices whenever we can, so you know exactly how much your architectural services will cost. Occasionally we may need to provide hourly rate costs, this is only in unusual circumstances where we are unable to determine in advance how much work is involved.

In either case we will provide you with a detailed, no obligation fee proposal before you appoint us. This will include details of all our fees, information about other costs you can expect to pay such as the cost of applying for your consents and any additional expenses we may charge.